Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Ideology Workshop

This workshop is for second year architecture students. It is designed to follow a lecture on the architecture of Russian Constructivism, and before a lecture on Neoclassicism (Stalinism, Nazism) and illustrates contemporary ideology within studio.
The process is entirely done on the computer. There is no traditional drawing or assessment involved.

1. Google Image : Gropius Office
2. Google Image : Richard Hamilton/appealing/unusual

Ponder both for a while. Illustrate the seating position in Gropius office with regard to ideology. Illustrate the differences exhibited in the Hamilton collage.

3. Go to ebay.co.uk and go shopping (but do not literally buy)

A desk
A desk lamp
A chair
Something to hang on the wall

4. Ponder your criteria for selection (maybe ALL objects must be sourced north of Watford?)

5. Make a drawing in photoshop collaging the four objects (and others if you feel you need a backdrop)

6. Post your drawing with a caption regarding 'Directors Office for....(whatever your present project is)...and including the words appealing and unusual if possible.

7. When you receive more than five 'likes' from visitors, post your drawing on our unnoffical architecture noticeboard (lsbuarchitecturenoticeboard@groups.facebook.com in this case).

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  1. Mr Davies,
    I am a bit confused about where we should post our collage, so you can have access on it. I uploaded the image yesterday on fb and now I am trying to find out how to reach you. As far as I know, I am not the only student who does not know where we should post it. A little help would be appreciated!

    Thank you in advance,
    Virginia Zafirati