Monday, 25 March 2013

Sonic Temple

I've just spent the last hour listening to The Cult. The wonderful thing about the Cult is that they seem overwhelmed with their own sound. It makes them much better than Guns'n'Roses. I mean Guns and Roses quickly became essays in power ballards to show off (such as November Rain) but when The Cult play 'Rain' they are just improving on all the other rains they might have done. Indeed, if you listen to all The Cult and no doubt earlier than Cult (sudden death) Cult records, you will simply find steady amplification of a theme, maybe there's a touch of rockabilly in there, pursued by a bunch of Herberts  slowly improving as they go. And album by album they certainly get louder but not a lot else. Billy Duffy slowly finds his magesterial feet and then I'm flying down Nightingale Lane on my GPZ 750 doing a wheelie with a girl in nothing but a fur coat on the back (I don't recommend this) and nothing but a futon and a HiFi with a stage mixer desk and Marshall bass bin in the bedroom and Sonic Temple on top of it. That's what music can do for you.
(Personally I still think 'She Sells Sanctuary' from 'Love' is one of the most catchy fabulous rock records of all time).

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