Saturday, 1 June 2013

Albert Frey

I know a man who decided it was imperative to hang all his radiators from the ceiling on piano wire. This sort of thing is as very architectural as it is conventionally bonkers. But today I was browsing a very nice little book on two houses by Albert Frey, and he hung his dining table from the ceiling on piano wire. I can imagine this, as much as anything, being very inconvenient for everything but the hoover. He also hangs his staircase from the ceiling, an open-treaded staircase. This would seem obsessive unless you are a trapeze artist. It's a nice little book, very nicely produced apart from the fact that the author only presents us with an interview, so in short we get next to nothing of interest. This generally happens where substance is deferred  to the mode of the interview, which is a shame because Frey, the nut eating yoga practising Swiss emigre of Palm Springs, is, or was, clearly more fascinating than that. I've just looked his images up on Google Image and found two exactly the same, with him in exactly the same spot, but leaning on two alternative cars, plus the one above, which is very curious indeed. I don't know why.
People who like Frey are the kind of people who want to hang their radiators from the ceiling, they are also likely to the kind of people who, at almost any opportunity, take their clothes off. I'm not sure why this is true either, but it fits. Such, therefore, is the necessity for writing, not for interviewing, writing about something or someone is far more interesting because you have to make an interpretation, you have to get under the ice, you have to read between the lines and join the dots. It's a shame to remark on such a missed opportunity.

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