Wednesday, 12 June 2013

How to Understand Work vs Product

I was thinking some more about The Eagles and some more about Steely Dan, and I ended up figuring, suddenly awake at around four thirty this morning; what if I tried to apply the theories of the Production of Space as espoused by Henri Lefebvre, to the music of these particular groups; a Marxist criticism of MOR! (See post below)
The division, if there is one (it is somewhat unclear) between work and product is something that Lefebvre tries to work out. Coolly, I have a simple illustration. We should think of the music of The Eagles as product, it reproduces itself, it enjoys competition, it excels, but we might still think of the music of Steely Dan as work, for whilst the mechanisms for it's production were peculiar and indeed obsessively repetitive, they are certainly not to be confused with repetition itself.

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