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How not to Interview a Porn Star

The thing that prompted my nostalgia yesterday (see below) may have been more obvious than I thought. Lacey happens to be the spitting image of porn star Jill Kelly, who I interviewed many years ago when she was riding the wave. Jill Kelly Productions has gone the way of many a porn business I believe- bankrupt as a result of free porn on the Internet, but I dug the interview out. It was never published, largely because my editor wished I could sound a little less like a lovesick puppy dog. It is embarrassing for sure, and a lesson to all those who think interviews can carry information; because my performance was certainly limited. However Jill Kelly is still great. I post it as a period piece of mild interest to aficionados, and for educational purposes.

Jill Kelly Interview.

Date: Deleted

Lots of ringing tones, messages etc later

PD            We saw you being interviewed at the AVN awards. You looked fantastic!

JK            Well thank you!

PD            We're interested in the presentation of the company

JK            The actors have residuals. Some companies have done this for certain girls on certain movies. Even as a contract girl you get paid x amount of money and that's it. But mainstream people constantly get cheques. It's motivation for the talent  and it's fair you know!

PD            So is it like being a Hollywood star when you get a percentage of the movie's profits.

JK            Exactly, it's setting standards for people , you know, later down the line.

PD            You come over as a female orientated company. Does that give you a lot of headway in a man based world?

JK            Well I think in this business women have a lot of power! More than the average job! They can pick and choose what they do and what they get paid and stuff. You still ht some firewalls. It's kind of hard to be female and be respected as much as a male- you know what I mean? The transition from being the talent to being the boss is really hard. It's very hard for me to direct anybody because either I'm seen as too nice or too mean! There's no in between you know.

PD            Do you have a drive to shift the industry in some way- open up new areas?

JK            They only thing I'd like to really change is that I'd like for the girls and the guys to have a future. You can be in the business ten years and if you weren't wise with the money and invest and taken care of till you're done and then everybody knows who you are where are you going to get a job? So that's where I think that it's certainly sad to have the top stars that unfortunately didn't manage there money correctly and then.. nothing!

PD            That's terrible!

JK            It's horrible - It's disgusting!

PD            I think it's a hard industry to be in

JK            There are some great things about it and there are some bad things about it. The bad things are more or less people sitting in their ivory towers. The talent is all at work and they're not getting compensated. It's unfortunate and sickening and bad but it's the nature of the business and even if there was a union of talent it would never work because there will always be somebody else round the corner who will work cheaper.

PD            So what are your particular ambitions for JKP. Where would you like to be in ten years time?

JK            In ten years I'd really like Haven, my contract girl, to be running the company. And I'd like to have a little sports bar!

PD            You'd have a sports bar!!!

JK            YES! A dream I'm a southern cowgirl at heart!

PD             So can you tell me what's on your cd player at the moment?

JK            My radio stations on the country station.

PD            You're going to NewYork next week, yes? What's it like dancing? Is it hard work?

JK            What, hard work dancing or hard work travelling all the time?

PD            Whatever..

JK            Well, like I'm going to Canada tomorrow, then I come back Sunday then Tuesday it's off to New York. It's very hard because I work seven days a week. My days off  I'm travelling so I consider that, you know, work. The when I'm home or when I come back to LA I'm working on shooting or I'm doing a magazine layout or I'm doing a boxcover or organising this, going through calls….

PD            Which is your favourite bit of the work at the moment?

JK            Shooting the box covers and creating them with the photographers and the artists.

PD            Do you fly first class Jill?

JK            Yes I do. The only way to fly let me tell you.

PD             When you are travelling around do you take many people with you?

JK            On the dancing gigs I have a roadie because I have pyrotechnics and a smoke machine and they have to do a lot of things. When I'm working for the company Usually one of my contract girls will come along with me on a signing.

PD            Do you have a favourite venue? Where are the best fans?

JK            Spearmint Rhino, City of Industry, not too far from LA, That's a great club.

PD            Do you have a favourite performance on film that you could recommend to the punters over here?

JK            Oh Gosh….there's so many that I totally love. It's probably going to be this new movie …how we are going to shoot it and everything….it's kind of like The Crow but kinda different. We haven't named it yet.

PD            Can we talk about some more of the personal stuff? If I was to say what is your favourite food?

JK        Fois Gras. I love it!

PD             Drink?

JK            Chambord

PD            Can you tell me what your first car was?

JK            Oh god…do you know what a metropolitan is? It's an old old…my mum's boyfriend collected cars and that was my first car. It looked like a little toy car.

PD            And what's the first thing you think of when you get up in the morning? That's a bit of a rude question!

JK            Arhhhhh….Snooze! The snooze button.

PD            Here's another fun thing…I've heard that Brittany Andrews and Jenna Jameson are really dying to be able to eat burgers.

JK            Well I eat whatever I want!

PD            So you don't have to worry?

JK            Well..I do have to worry but I guess I'm very lucky. I'm very at peace with my genetics. I do start to worry- it's like I'm thirty now - but I'm very gifted in that manner where I eat cheese and mayonnaise …so I do but I don't…I'm very very lucky , very very lucky and very thankful to. I don't know if I could give up all the junk that I eat!

PD            I don't want to hold you too long….

JK            Oh I'm just drivin…drivin

PD             Your driving?

JK             Drivin through downtown LA just now

PD            So your driving to a job or what?

JK            I'm have to go look at a location that we're going to shoot in at the end of the month.

PD            Right- I'd like to talk about heros and villains or heros and heroines in this business. Who are the people you really respect in the business?

JK            There's a lot of people I really like………that's a tough one. You mean, like somebody who's made a difference? …gosh there's so many. Candida Royale for doing her couples stuff which is awesome and Janet Moore from a women’s point of view which I totally dig.

PD            Is there a diference between porn at appeals to men and porn that appeals to women?

JK            Well I think it's not 'men' and 'women' but each individual where ..even a girl might like to see anal where another girl won't , or there's guys that don't like anal…and…you know what I mean…it's like people say well girls know how to eat pussy better and that's not true because every girl like her pussy eaten different.  Every guy likes a blow job?…what…hard ? soft? Licking? Everybody like something different so there's no 'men' and 'women' porn. There's still stuff which is good for couples which is ' story '. You know what I mean? But some couples don't like 'story'! So it just depends on everybody's taste.

PD            Is it hard to meet people outside the industry?

JK  's kind of funny because even mainstream people look at you as a superstar. Especially in the United States - I don't know about London or England - it's very 'in ' to be a porn star . It's very very trendy , it's very hip.

PD            So you're feeling good then- you're on a wave!

JK            Yeah. It's Good…I'm so pleased I caught the wave when I did. But it's really wild. Porn is very chic! Cocaine's out! Porn is in! Look at Britney Spears - she dresses like a porn star! I love it!

PD            When you were young did you imagine going in to this business?

JK             I was always sexual…er…actually, when I was really young I used to fantasize about being a hooker (laughs)

 (Ends with pleasantries and thanks)


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