Saturday, 25 January 2014

Le Corbusier Stool

See the stool in the background, it's an L-C design, but neatly repackaged in green with a black frame by suppliers Iconic Interiors. It was never intended originally as green and black, but it works well, and in certain situations fully rotational stools are ideal, like when you're doing your taxes at the desk, and swivel round to watch the television in one swell move. Also, this stool is about 600mm across, which is an impressive accommodation, and you can push it under the table when not in use, which you can't do with the chair version. 
I saw the stool as I was reading the Radiant City, and I realised how well it works in small spaces while still making you feel good. Old furniture is good stuff, almost always bigger and better than new stuff, and that stool is 'good design' (perhaps I should credit Charlotte Periand really) it is a considered and smart response to a design problem, not some fucking floating signifier even if it might look like a lilly pad, not some dipshit riff on viruses and gernomes. It's a fucking stool, if you're short of space, buy one of these for less than £300 and enjoy.

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