Tuesday, 7 January 2014

War on the Poor 2

Below (previous post) a rant brought on by watching too much George Osbourne and listening to his pernicious Etonian ideology. The morning after, if it isn't just disgusting (which it is) it is mind blowingly depressing; that a world view based on the fact that a small number of people have lots of money and those same people have somehow lost lots of money will put the rest of humanity in penury forever and that this is something that so many people actually believe in is super depressing. That people so depressed by the consequences of this world view will be dispossessed to live under a bridge and people actually think this is OK because the media tells them so is also depressing. That questions as to the right thing to do come merely down to self interest, that critical world issues with regard to environment and exploitation are simply glossed over by the overpowering need of some people to hang on to their 'drinkipoos' could make you very mad indeed. And then, as a mad person, you'll be cast out in to the rain and snow, or it might make you sick, in which case the same thing will happen. That this cast of people (which will soon include anybody who thinks at all) suddenly are deemed to have too many spare rooms reminds us of the concentration camps where people were systematically worked to death, and where capacity was doubled by squeezing more humans in to the same bunks, while their overseers lived in mansions over the wire.
All these things might make us wonder at the pride we take in defeating the evils of Nazism when we seem to be doing our best to apply that very methodology.

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