Monday, 6 January 2014

War on the Poor

We face the new fascism, there is no doubt about it, it's creeping and nasty: for benefit cuts read 'war on the poor' for 'war on the poor' read 'cleansing'. What is the idea for society here: Switzerland? Generations have felt they were making things better for Britain, but now, in this climate, in this paranoia, we don't just exploit Bangladesh but we bring the task to Tower Hamlets! We thought we were multi cultural, multi denominational, all that, and everybody said that would be a good thing. Where has that idea gone - lost in sociology departments now dedicated to advertising strategies? What does this government thinking mean for architecture? More chains of gated communities, some concentration camps for louts? (Now there's a polemical project- but just try it) Where is the notion of the rights of man? What is this government's conception of virtue? This is a fascism of the shopkeepers, the skyscrapers, the shard of shit.
Learning from Nazism? Easy: discredit those who speak out (Snowdon) Proselytise lies (all media) Goebbels would be proud: freeze all other options out, feed the people shit, make them grateful for it, stop anybody thinking, make them indebted to you for doing it and make everybody cheer. This is bad bad shit.

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