Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Fear For Civilization II

Unbelievably ( but totally believable if you are here) Texan authorities want to delete the word 'capitalism' from school textbooks. That's the news I woke up to this morning. It's clear that whilst Obama is technically holding the reigns, the republican states have gone berserk all around him.
They will also, predictably enough, put more emphasis on individual achievement rather than the significance of historical processes, which means to say the cultural import of Marie Osmond rather than the trade union movement in Pittsburg steel mills c1914. I wonder how literature students will tackle 'Brave New World' now they are living in it.
So........looking not unlike the very late Jim Morrison after a I woke up this morning...... I got myself a beer.
Meanwhile, as Julie slogs her way through Photofest, she encounters various examples of the cultural elite. Ha Ha! It seems that this is all personality based too. Two twins are making great waves, on the basis that they.........are twins. Work on strip clubs like Julie's, with it's, how shall we put it, kinda objectivity, just isn't the vogue. Parallels between art and life!- you bet!
Don't worry, I'm not bitter, but look out, be afraid, be very afraid: very bad things happen very slowly.

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