Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sarah Palin sucks, she sucks so badly she can be a sex symbol at the same time. I'm in Houston, Texas, which is no doubt entirely populated by Sarah Palin fans, as she 'marches' on Washington (or is it Boston?) for some weird version of a tea party. I'm totally bemused. She wants republicans to 'reload'. They like this sort or rhetoric in Houston, to them it makes sense. This place can easily bemuse, because it's the kind of city you make when you are dedicated to not making a city at all. You try surviving in Downtown of a sunday afternoon, there are no shops for instance. I had to get a cab ride out ten miles to buy a bottle of bourbon from a million square feet of bourbon in some kind of bourbon warehouse. They have jettisoned all reasonable life from downtown Houston, it is just giant edifices with giant atriums with automaton piano jazz with high winds in between. Now all of this can be thrilling if you can retain a sense of humour or if you are just plain brain dead, which Americans kind of enjoy, so they can just talk about sports ALL NIGHT LONG like the bar manager downstairs.
Guess I'll have to learn basketball speak.

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