Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm surfacing. Just like a diver in the pool (not this one, it's on the roof 23 floors up and scares the hell out of me). I can work the room AC, I can navigate the TV, it is THE AFTERNOON, I have met nice taxi drivers, know my way to the largest liquor store in the world and even find myself scanning mens fashion magazines with interest. I have left the UK behind, I couldn't care less, I found my way to the Menil Collection and sat with Rothko and Barnett Newman and Max Ernst drawings and thought 'Not bad but its a bit sweaty outside'. I took one photograph. They ordered ME a taxi and I realize the key is 'Don't think : Enjoy' the second key is 'Spend Money' for if you don't spend money you are nothing, even if you haven't got any. This is how terrible life is in the USA, and presently it feels pretty good, and I'm now swimming with the rest of them, it was a bit of a shock, but I got over it, I'm embracing the nothing and the now. And now, I shall sit down and read Colin Rowe on 'The Chicago Frame' in the afternoon comfort of a freshly made up hotel room and stare out of the window at gothic skyscrapers.

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