Thursday, 1 April 2010

There's something happening here..and I wish could get my head around what it is. You can smell it, this widespread unease, primarily with regard to the whole shooting match of the economy. Examples crop up every day- the State of California is so broke it is selling off it's own buildings for instance, and how can that make sense? The State of California is going back to renting? The news is full of futures in 'self employment' which means as far as I can see- every man for himself. People are busily crossing their fingers. The republican frenzy may well be a representation of this economic vampirism. In the UK the conservatives are hardly seen as a vehicle of economic imperative, but representatives, Dad's Army style, of the status quo- duck houses in moats etc- which is hardly the same thing. Met a one eyed oil man. Toying with the notion of lunch in a Steak House strip bar, but first I shall sit down and read Colin Rowe's 'Transparency; Literal and Phenomenal', then it's on to Vegas tonight.

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