Monday, 12 April 2010

Thoroughly discombobulated. Woke up at 4pm yesterday, 4am today. Our bodies and our minds and (most importantly) our digestive systems have no idea where they are. I'm not sure Alan de Bolt-On writes about these horrific effects of long distance travel in his 'Art of Travel', but somebody should. In fact, I suspect he and all travel writers ignore this horrific state in the name of the theatre of the absurd we now inhabit.
So I took myself out, creaking in every limb, to Clerkenwell to deliver film for processing. This was not an easy task, as young ladies with baby buggies sped past me. And well, I looked hard at the new world around me, and I was profoundly worried- shut businesses everywhere, new buildings going up everywhere- square this circle!
The Americans laugh at our little political tea parties. You know Obama goes on the television to explain policy IN SOME DETAIL every day. I worry Britain will become the first post capitalist economy by simple deferral, because we are being treated like babies. By the way the post capitalist economy may be a necessity- but you can be sure if we are there first we'll balls it up the more- because everybody is being treated like babies.
However, in order to wee on lamp-posts I stopped by The White Horse.
To my amazement, after a little while and a bit of liquid consolation, 'Coco' came on and danced to 'I'm In Love With A German Film Star' (The Passions- early eighties). This just happens to be my favourite record (depending on the mood) My Vegas mind (still there!) realized she'd hit the JACKPOT- so I tipped her a tenner- she was well surprised. That's Vegas for Yer.

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