Saturday, 3 April 2010

It's not every day that you wake up with $800 worth of art in Vegas. There's plenty of the other kind of art here, the place is cleavage central, but this was real art, like a painting. How did that happen? Art Friday meant the Grateful Dead (not the Grateful Dead, a Grateful Deadish band even looking like them) noodling away to us in the cool night air, and me pretty loved up with the whole thing amidst lots of Las Vegas art, and Las Vegas art is special, a sort of unpretentious dime store surrealism with, yes, lots of painted cleavage. It certainly beat the hell out of the London art crowd and here they are used to making deals, so when they need to pay the rent, and you've absorbed sufficient noodling - deals are done. We bought a painting (sin citiscape) drawings (burlesque life drawing classes) and an alien nude table. Alien nudes are also very popular amongst Las Vegas artists. I'm wondering whether the table will actually ever arrive in the UK, but hell...

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