Saturday, 16 April 2011

Large format

Girded our loins this morning to photograph the financial district on a large format, head under the black cloth, camera. The camera itself is very fiddly, but the job itself was a piece of cake since there's nobody there on a saturday, and even the passing policemen think that with such kit, you must be taking promotional photographs. In fact you just get to witness, over quite a long period of time (the fiddling takes time) the shear mediocrity of it's physical presence. You really know architecture has gone to hell in these situations, you are confronted by it's awfulness for hours. I kept saying to Julie, 'No this view makes it look even more banal' and 'banal' is not often a word I like using, because simply everything is interesting, it's just that this stuff, this 21st century finance meets heritage show, seems just mind-bogglingly sad, and that's what makes the financial industry interesting, they value money, lots of it, and nothing else. Got it in one.

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