Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I've just put 'Cracking' on the phono and almost cried. I notice we have two copies of Suzanne Vega's first record in our home, and it's no surprise. And I have a suspicion it might rank as our biggest influence, beyond all the macho lovely stuff I prattle on about (would anybody agree that Bad Company were the biggest ever 'cock rock' band?- sounds stupid doesn't it- so get some sensitivity boys) In the end, in the mid eighties, Suzanne's wonderful 'swings of indecision' were what we all were, all 'actors on a movie screen', preferably noir and absolutely introspective and my god were we sensitive. Nobody captured it better, and nobody 'talked about it later' although that's not true, because that's what we did, we talked about it before we even did it, to the accompaniment of this record. She was a smooth Joni. Freeze tag in the dark. Didn't really do me any good, but I still like it.

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