Monday, 25 April 2011


WoaH WOAH!! (The David Lee Roth volume is also a book to be read in one sitting preferably playing 'Panama' repeatedly at full volume). The crazy bastard wont let you go. It's F16 with afterburners all the way, it's Leerjet Hercules- the godlike Roth, the leopard skinned loincloth in stratospheric ascent, and stratospheric sort of descent (JUMP!) no mmmmention of druggggggs hardly at all, Just a gigolo man, in a low-rider, down the fucking Amazon without a paddle, it's bones, bandages, bondage all the way, and the guy makes a point of washing every inch of the stage on his hands and knees before a tour just by himself to 'get perspective' 'create spiritual balance' hell I don't know. Whatever it is he is, it's wonderful thing.
He also points out, between eulogies to Al Jolson and the Bee Gees (!!), that Aeroskiths (sic - there is a problem here you might start speaking a la Roth and no longer be comprehended by anyone at all) best record is 'Back in the Saddle' from 'Rocks', and I agree, the godlike Roth is right, starfighter, shooting star...whatever.

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