Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lee Roth again

OK, so as night follows day, I'm now sitting at my desk (and my desk includes all the audio stuff- it takes up half the space even though I've cleaned up) and GUESS WHAT! Fucking David Lee Roth's 'Just like Paradise' is spinning in front of me at precisely at 33.3rpm- I can actually see it spinning- what a JOY! and it sounds fucking fantastic (not played for a long long time). After all I just spent £650 on some shelves (thanks Scott!) just to get the record collection up off the floor where I assume most record collections end up (that or in the second bedroom if you're lucky enough to have one).
So that, to me, and to those of a certain age, is meaningful design; get those old LP's at EYE LEVEL at whatever cost, and SKYSCRAPE again. You'll never listen to those gems again until you invest correctly. It also helps if you've organizing your home you can cook Keith Richard's shepherds pie and listen to Lee Roth at volume and, just on the side, have Babestation on the TV.
Julie will of course come home and insist on the Bunnymen.

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