Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Sick Again*

Once you've got over the initial sickness of being sick, sickness can be quite liberating. For instance, 'you just relax and do nothing' is suddenly a virtue. Meanwhile, and quite slowly, all the things you thought were important become unimportant and vice versa, you can enter a dreamy land of watching film noir gangster movies with the sound down with your partner, also sick, lying prone on the sofa. You can't go out, thats true, but nobody else can come in either, which is excellent. And of course you have a great deal of time to ponder whether your illness is physical and therefore quantifiable by the NHS, or whether it is mental and therefore considered a 'luxury item' best treated in Beverly Hills. Last year, Julie was told by her GP to 'drink less and go on holiday'. That spoke volumes.
With everything commodified, sickness may be a liberation (I'm not talking 'sickies' here, I'm talking situationally) A brief time for further contemplation on the 'times of reflection' you've already put in. No wonder I seem to get sick.
*for Zep fans.

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