Monday, 5 July 2010

Crikey...CUTS! CUTS! CUTS! non stop from our new toffs in charge. Extraordinary revelations almost every day- if you can't work - TOUGH, if you can't function- TOUGH, if your stuck in a crappy school- TOUGH. If you drink 'for a reason' -TOUGH.
But at least the hand has been shown- bankers 'CARRY ON AS NORMAL', if you are wealthy ' CARRY ON AS NORMAL'......
Next we know it 'Eastenders' with become 'Westenders' (from Maida Vale) and we'll be served an endless array of toff fare on the television. Oh hold on, that's just what happened. Tonight there were back to back country appreciation societies on BBC and ITV- Countryfile was interesting, we have just been to the country and found it 'interesting' too, but still a little obtuse for your average Johnny Jack Tarr on fingering ram's balls since that doesn't exactly help down the job centre. And as for antique shows and property; both ends of the same thing.
Yeah, we were up at a country wedding, and by our age, our emotional baggage and still thriving thirst can be problematic, but no, we survived, and even give thanks for beer in pewter mugs.
Just how did the proletariat become a minority? (Ans: by shopping at Primark)
University Challenge will be just Oxford vs Cambridge, and according to Panorama tonight, all 'incompetent' teachers should be sacked. But hold on, I'm surrounded by incompetence everytime I walk down the street - so what is this silly middle class mum with her pianos and bay windows saying about the education of her children? I can only think she is looking for conformity on a rather horribly fascistic level.

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