Thursday, 22 July 2010

Two great rock n' roll moments

Jerry the landlord is hounding my 'moments of reflection'. Now he's rigged up all his TV screens to his DVD player, and this morning subjected me to a severe dose of 'sixties video classics'. Many of which were clearly, in the final analysis not- however I did get to see two sublime moments which every sentient being should be acutely aware of for historical purposes. The first moment comes in the middle of the Rolling Stones playing 'Satisfaction' on the Ed Sullivan Show in the USA in 1966. At this particular moment, and I'm sure other writers have noticed it which is why I noticed it, Mick Jagger glances left to Keef with a wry grin. It is a grin which says 'Christ we are on to something here....whatever you are doing keep doing it' (and then of course they do- seemingly forever) It is a wonderful moment of fulfillment for the two flat-mates once living on bacon sandwiches, and spells doom for Brian Jones (right) who stands there oblivious thinking he still owns the band.
The second is without doubt the sexiest and most ground-braking performance of all time, at least if you were eight when you first saw it on Top of the Pops, and may well be responsible, given my impressionable age, for many later difficulties. Its is Nancy Sinatra wiggling her fabulous thighs in the shortest of black mini-dresses to 'These Boots are Made for Walking'. Here we see the representation of the sixties, in one fabulous, almost accidental, sultry piece of utterly knowing liberation, even from Daddy.
Meanwhile Julie went to the Serpentine Pavillion and phones to say it has made her PHYSICALLY SICK. Trendy architects have a lot to answer for....fucking idiots (see last post).


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