Saturday, 4 September 2010

And so it really is back to realities of our lives, and Julie sweeps deep into depression just walking down Bethnal Green road on a saturday. She mutters considerable discontent. In due course, it's back into the Trench of Despair, where the inappropriately named 'Little John' is disparaging the existence of Robin Hood amongst considerable disagreement in a largely empty pub (now offering a 'free roll' of a weekday lunch - no choice of filling- beggars must not be choosers). 'It's all just a fantasy' he says, just before going on to explain that Adolf Hitler was 'quite a good guy' and then much discussion of various Robin Hood derivatives, or even the fact that we were at war with France in 1916 (!) Then of course it's to Tesco's, which Julie refused to enter, and I can understand, the pain inflicted by overhearing any conversation in Tesco's on a saturday is almost impossible to bare, and, for the first time in years and years, I've developed indigestion whenever I sip that miserable Stella Artois, so I too am in physical pain. Meanwhile there are riots over food and water in Mozambique.

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  1. Do you know Walking Wounded .... a Hackney band..... Here's a link to their Home Sweet Hackney song ... to listen to ...on the intro of their web site page

    and especially for Julie .... The Devil went to Tesco .... shot in yours truly - Hackney Style

    They are great live band .... gigs at the Hemingford Arms.... I cant go this Friday .... but they're worth seeing ....

    Love your blog! Sue