Monday, 13 September 2010

Reno Book

Just finished proofing the Reno book. Now the Reno book has already been proofed many many times, but there are still mistakes, there are always mistakes. We should put a thing at the front of it 'There are mistakes OK!- Just live with them'. But I'm chuffed, very happy indeed, it's funny and it's five years ago, which allows time to make it funny (In comparison to my novel, which of course I loath because it is a current obligation) it is a perfect little 100 page piece of writing with Julie's excellent pictures and somehow they seem to go together very well indeed.
There will be a first edition of 100, sort of A6 sized, hand made cover etc, £20. A piece of love and bemusement. To order contact me on or just come and see me at the university or contact Julie via

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