Friday, 3 September 2010

So we return to london and it is crappy, super crappy. Of course it is, you could return to paradise after a month away and think it was crappy. But there are too many cars, too many people and too many objects in our suddenly tiny apartment, where there is so little room we keep bumping in to each other. Then again, we could be larger in size. We are also suddenly disabled by housekeeping which appears complex, not unlike organizing yourselves in a boat or a caravan. And then, communication with the rest of the world becomes equally problematic, being used to only the most basic, and I mean, most basic, of communication in Germany left us thoroughly insulated, and now we are not, and Tony Blair stared out of the television at me like a monster uttering his messianic thoughts and I longed for the innocence of watching the German zoo channel with the sound down.

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