Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Felt kinda blue, Randy Newman blue, sitting as the only person in the 'Trench' stroking Patch who couldn't care less and wondering what the barmaid might be like in bed blue, since she has many assets blue. Decided to perk myself up with some 'Keef Richards special Shepherds Pie Recipe'. Now that is what comfort food sounds like to me, and Julie's out enjoying herself- and the recipe came from the ridiculous book 'What Would Keith Richards do?' So I got home and chuckled at my ridiculousness, however, others are no doubt tucking in to Katie Price's scrumptious goat cheese and bla as I write this so I think I've made a reasonable choice. Just think Marx had to live of bread and potatoes if he was lucky.
Term approaches like a big girl in a ra-ra skirt with a scouse accent ordering snakebite black.

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