Thursday, 23 September 2010

New Gestapo

Just in case you think everything's alright with the world, a colleague of Julie's phoned up very late last night having been told by the New Gestapo of his university that he should communicate in the correct way, ie; via university patrolled media. What kind of arsholes want to condition the way one communicates with anyone? What kind of mechanism is it in their heads that says you must use this or that? Of course they always dress it up under the wrap of legal paranoia, but I was at an art opening in a FUCKING LAWYERS OFFICE last night and I just wanted to kill the lot of them. I was wearing my 'Destroyers' tee shirt, George Thorogood and the Destroyers as you all know, and some twat had the nerve to say to me 'Oh so what are you destroying then?' I should have said 'You- you feeble minded parasite on the arse' but I was polite, and glugged the wine, wanted to destroy the crap art, and went to the pub for much needed recuperation instead.
Now lawyers are possibly more feeble minded than bankers, because THEY CAN ONLY BE IN IT FOR THE MONEY BUT DON"T HAVE THE GUTS TO ADMIT IT, for they sure don't seem to be much interested in life itself, in it's complexities and difficulties and my anger. They just parade around in shirts and ties with tidy haircuts and nasty little side-on coke habits to keep them sane. I could almost feel fucking sorry for them, if it wasn't that they were so stupid.
In the pub Julie said to me, 'You know you should be yourself more, thats why you hate those things because they make you polite ' and she was right, goddamn polite, fuck polite, fuck the New Gestapo in all it's forms. Hans Fallada's 'Alone in Berlin' is rather good on this.

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  1. Hey Paul.

    Wondered if you would like to come a give a little seminar at the AA. The theme of the year is copies (and replicas and fakes and reconstructions and so on), and we're going on trips to venice (italy) and the venetian (macau).

    other wise, a drink sometime you're in bedford square would be good.

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