Thursday, 25 November 2010

'Happiness index'

The most 'atrocious tosh' today from the government with regard to the new 'happiness index' Comics must be laughing. What the fuck does David Camoron think he's doing when he wishes to assess our intimate feelings, and how often does he want to do it? For one, if he asks me first thing in the morning how I'm feeling; the answer is a 'resoundingly pissed off'. By six pm, I might feel OK, I will have stabilized, this is something I trust to life; that you feel terrible, and then you might feel better given certain circumstances which may range from a good book to a nice conversation to a strong cocktail. I find it UNBELIEVABLE that such shit as a 'happiness index' has a place in newly astringent 'broke Britain', I wonder if Goebels instigated such a thing in the Third Reich. When I state that the most important individuals of the twentieth century were Lenin, Mao and Goebels...followed by Tom and Jerry...this rubbish just proves me right.
I'll be 'happy' when Camoron has fucked off.

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