Saturday, 6 November 2010

A tiny moment of celebrity

The Trench of Despair turned into the The Triumph of Euphoria this evening as I found myself mugged by young girls who presumably thought I was somebody else. I walked in and found myself the centre of a commotion, bald blokes gesticulating and pointing and all of that- at me! However I couldn't understand what anybody was actually saying. It was clearly a proper east end pub party. So I took my seat to observe and stroked the cat. But I wasn't going to get away with such quietitude.
The centre of attention and her sister (I presumed) all in leopard skin, wanted photos wearing my hat, my spectacles, everything. I rather thought they were making my evening, for they were good looking young things (if a little excitable). They took so many photos I'll be all over Facebook tomorrow.
I came home to Julie, after picking up the potatoes and wine in Tescos and said: 'This look certainly works'. This seemed to amuse her a great deal.

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