Monday, 22 November 2010


Just been a way for a couple of days and I return to revolution! Excellent. Now I want to declare my solidarity, I'l be there, I'm not kidding. There are a few issues Julie has brought up:
1) You are unable to get up off the floor
2)You need constant supplies of whisky
These may constrain my revolutionary spirit. However, since at least I look like a true revolutionary, I must man the barricades at the slightest beckoning for possible TV interviews, and you know what, I'd rather teach at night and chat away anyway.
So, some students will have to bring me a collapsible bed at least, and I'll just order in a crate of whisky from.....somewhere. I'll also need a sleeping bag.
However I'm not kidding, I'm laughing, but I'm not kidding. many people remember the days of Paris '68 as the finest in their lives.

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