Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Student Revolt!

Tonight's 'Newsnight' was a bit of a feast; The students are revolting, the Navy is incapacitated, Sarkozi is a twat. As ever we must realize that this is all a question of cause and effect, that certain things are inevitably the result of other things, and that maybe one hell of a lot of people have buggered up other peoples lives before they can even get to make them in the first place. This might be equally the case in poorest Africa or in the case of the UK students, where clearly, the situation as presented isn't fair; The people who have spent the billions of money that we now owe are not them.
Higher Education of course should be free and not associated in any way with whatever commercial gains might be connected to it. The provision of Higher Education represents any governments 'faith' in it's populace. Maybe they (youth) will (produce loads of money) maybe not (realize something else has to be done and take to the streets) It's as simple as that, but you should give all the opportunity to engage in the educational process as far as they are able to find out their options.
I support the student actions today. I am also hardly surprised by the violence which is vastly dramatized by the 'media' as 'mock shock!' Any reading of Badiou for instance, would illustrate the ridiculous rejection of historical fact that such whimpering represents. A few broken windows are nothing.

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