Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Of course the reason I'd rather be tuned to Babestation than the BBC is that I'd rather be in the presence of a pseudo lover than a pseudo mum and dad, it's a lot easier on the brain.
Especially if mum and dad are Clare Balding and Gary Lineker. Little England is a massive construction during these Olympics, local heroes come from everywhere, xenophobia is rife, everyone's suddenly salt of the earth. Nomatter that it's all built on McDonalds and Samsung and Walkers crisps.
The latest horror is that some people are not joining in quite sufficiently, and have scampered off, perhaps in search of some decent food, or a spot of genuine afternoon delight, anything rather than watch the mens tiddlywinks. I imagine the BBC will soon have a team of reporters down at Browns or the White Horse, accosting folk by the scruff of the neck and saying:
 'You are supposed to be in seat 43A Gate 6!....and you are NOT!!...What kind of Olympic Legacy is THIS!!'
No wonder the local councils did their best to close down these entertainments for the duration. I'm personally delighted Browns (top of Shoreditch High St if you are a visitor, tube Liverpool St, the White Horse is along the way up on the right) is proudly flying olympic flags and union jacks in a traditionally English expression of Up Yours! That is if you fancy some gymnastics without the hyperbole, and a bit of real England, which now incorporates quite a bit of Brazil, Russia, USA and so on.

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  1. Keep it up old boy. Keeps me sane whilst we transmit the tosh. Thank god pole dancing is not an Olympic sport.