Thursday, 5 July 2012

Main Offender

Perfect after a visit from the RIBA, lie back and enjoy Keef at his perfectly produced sloppiest best, and that isn't a contradiction, it's what's called art. With all that space between, stare at the ceiling, feel the riff, latent and ridden, soft mostly these days, feel the old echoes in 'Bodytalks' and savour 'Demon' and it wouldn't be right if you didn't launch yourself upright to practice your Keef riffing to 999 and pour yourself a decent drink at the same time. 999 is his excellences tribute to ZZ Top I think, but once the opening track is done you can pretty much flop back down on the day bed for the duration.
Sometimes you gotta lie down, take it, and thank god for your speakers.  

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