Thursday, 26 July 2012

Olympic fever? I'll tune to Babestation

Having made such a cock up over the South Korean flag for the North Korean conquerors of the world yesterday in the football (I mean how stupid do we have to look? They have weapons, OK they don't work, but they have weapons and they will use them even if they don't work) I'm looking forward to the opening ceremony tomorrow where we will be dished up our slumdog delights.
Even Julie got caught up in the most interminable torch procession of all time today (which happens behind trucks of advertising and cheerleading incidentally). I can't see where one torch procession stops and another starts, torches seem to circulate ad nauseam all over the place, drumming up business for Coca Cola, Samsung and so on. You can't move for those torches, drumming up bogus enthusiasm and patriotic fervour non stopuss for bemused office workers out for a fag all over the place. Meanwhile the true blue colours of the BBC are up the flagpole, and their all inclusive Olympic coverage threatens to be so mindbendingly awful I'll be tuned permanently to Babestation.
If I were there on the street, being thrust a flag and asked 'Why are you here to witness this historic event, this arrival of the sacred torch?' I'd say ' Because I'm a gullible stupid bastard'.

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