Sunday, 1 July 2012

Love the Bed

I love my day bed. Twenty five minutes on there in the afternoon and I'm a new man. It gives a new perspective for sure, an upward one, I stare at the blades of the revolving fan like in the opening scenes of Apocalypse Now. You can't really read on it, so you think on it, things drift around your head, must do this must do that, probably can't do any of it because you've spent so much on the view from 50cm up, and then you nod off. It encourages me to clean windows, not buy more silly things on E-Bay and buy a good birthday present for my ninety year old dad, even to put my picture on Facebook. My god, the things a miracle worker, a total replacement for sitting in the pub for hours on end, which is where I used to dwell on such things for much longer periods.
Mine's an 'inspired by' version, not precisely the one above, but you'd be a fool to care. The bolster is without the fancy detailing, which saves you about a grand.

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