Sunday, 8 July 2012

Here You Go

Whatever, because I've gone on about about it so much here it is, within a lovely Roehampton model 1961 two bed in Bethnal Green, there's me in the kitchen.
You might note our 'Bad Corbu', a couple of etchings by Martin Barratt, a Nan Goldin, a couple of young Nazi's, very young Nazi's, like so young they cannot be Nazi's (that is the point) me in a field in Cork (a prized Julie Cook) and the edge of a Kit Allsopp as he moves, inexorably in retirement, to total abstraction, plus Danish mod draws, as all should be. Due to the wide angle, I have to say the bed looks narrower than it really is (an excellent 800) and the legs look longer than they actually are at 270mm or so, which of course is just perfect in actuality.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great, well done guys, whens the house warming? But I have to say , less self explanational acknowledgement. It looks great, you live it, who cares! "Bad Cordu", ah, thats what makes real...