Friday, 4 February 2011

Andy Gray

I will admit I have enjoyed myself in the last two days, I am back home in the lecture room, really at home. I did my first lecture on Marxist economic theory yesterday, and of course you have to do that without sexy projected images (defying notions of commodification) so it was just me and a marker pen. Now that's a first, especially since I know very little about Marxist economic theory. However, when discussing my adventures with Scott, he seemed to laugh himself to death at the fact I'd made Andy Gray's sexist jokes in to a question of Marxist theory. I said, the content of the joke (girls and off side rule) is funny, at least for blokes who like football, this is the 'use value' of the joke. At the same time, the world of Sky broadcasting decide it is unacceptable, so the 'exchange value' of that joke is that you lose your job. Bang on Scott said. I am determined not to be a grumpy Marxist, instead, happy Marxist, horrible world.

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