Sunday, 6 February 2011


Periodically people ask me 'What are you reading?' and sometimes I have to reply 'The Day of the Jackal'. This pleases me at least, the image of us sitting up in bed, Julie reading 'The Shock Doctrine', myself Freddy Forsyth, is a picture of middle age. It's our anniversary; eleven years. We celebrated at the Lobster Pot, an excellent restaurant in the unlikely locale of Elephant and Castle. It's an lovely venue particularly for the intimacy of the experience, and the tapes of seagulls and foghorns that accompany your jolly venture in to lobster flambe. I was brought up by the sea, and I like to have it simulated on special occasions. I have to say we had a wonderful, gentle, time, even with 'jazz' afterwards in the sister establishment next door. The whole day was fabulously melancholy in itself, for on such occasions, the past dominates, you can hardly help it.
Of course by the time we were home we were drunk and played our drunk records.
These are:
Supertramp: Even in the Quietest Moments
Peter Frampton: Do You Feel....
Bryan Adams: Run to You
Steely Dan: Josie
Genesis: Lamb lies down..
We play the same records every time. That I guess, is what happens in happiness.

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