Monday, 21 February 2011

John Le Mesurier

Depressed with whatever it is and almost everything on TV, I turn to a biography of John Le Mesurier ('Do you Think That's Wise?' -good title- only thing good about it). Now how the author made this book a disappointment is beyond me. A man who marries first a hopelessly drunk socialite, then Hattie Jaques who not so much runs off with the chauffeur and moves him in and has John switching bedrooms (with John bringing them tea in bed) and then finally has his last wife run off with Tony Hancock when he was at his worst must be the tops of harrowing. That lot along with hanging out with Jeffrey Bernard in Soho and all the other reprobates I admired for their cat racing antics in my twenties, well it should be the most emotional of tales, but it is not, for it is written by a FILM BUFF. So is the one about Hattie Jaques (Julie says). I'll have to turn to other biographies, or preferably, autobiographies to help me escape from Master Chef Down Under, I think Casanova's- ten fucking volumes ladies and gentlemen, might be a good one.

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