Friday, 18 February 2011

Back in pajamas at least..

So, I am back in pajamas at least, and out of the nightmares of fever. The air is fresh once again, you wash the sweat off with fine soaps of laurel and you put off checking your e-mail for a bit longer, and I won't plug in the mobile phone. I love Bukowski's maxim to 'draw the blinds, stuff the door bell with rags, and put the phone in the refrigerator'. You can hardly do it now with so much communication, it almost takes guts to do it, it is almost a revolutionary act.
So with a clear head and some whisky left I settle down to Alain Badiou's The Century. It will tell me where we are heading, it will explain where we've been, it will provide an intellectual road map. We all need a road map, we all need to get back to work after delirium.

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