Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Royal Mail.

Sometimes it's just rubbish, that's what this country is. It's amazing how rubbish it is, amazing to see the politicians squirm faced with their love of democracy and their love of selling tear gas (Arms, Drugs, Porn - you could add Fraud, our key new industries of course!) but even that is nothing compared to 'waiting for a package to be (re) delivered by the Royal fucking Mail'. You get the card through your letter box if you are lucky, you go online to arrange a new day and rearrange everything to sit there on the appointed day waiting in expectation. Of course nothing happens. You shlep down to the depot the next morning and they've sent the fucking thing back. I think the solution is very simple; much bigger letter boxes. You can't tell me this is beyond the wit of man, that and 'phone the customer to authenticate' that would help. Thousands, perhaps millions of man hours would be saved in waiting for the postman who never comes (but sales of Bukowski poetry to read while you're waiting would decrease). God it's depressing. Don't even try to contact Royal Mail customer services, they've given up long ago, and the website asks you to ask your question to a virtual smiling 'Sarah' who cuts you short just as you are about to describe just how fucking bla bla much you want to stuff the package up her virtual arse.

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