Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bin Laden in Beverly Hills

Personally, I would expect to find Osama Bin Laden in Beverly Hills reading 'The Long Goodbye' by Raymond Chandler with a big smile and long glass of orange juice. Personally, I'm not surprised to hear Mr Hague talk about trade deals not aid deals with the Japanese today at the Foreign Office because I've skimmed the Shock Doctrine. I'm also hardly surprised that Osama occupied a fortified and rather expensive compound under the noses of the military- that's called being smart- but not as smart as Beverly Hills. I'm also not surprised, but quite depressed, that thousands of Americans are shouting for joy. There's always going to be another one you know, there's always cause and effect, and the more we cause it (I'm talking the divvying up of global resources for an expanding global population and our own response- a massive increase in border agency controls and global exploitation) that 'triumph' can look a bit, well, 'stupid'. But that stupidity is sure in the interests of some people. They will work you up in to a frenzy just so you can't think straight anymore.

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