Thursday, 12 May 2011

Gerry Badger

I'm reading Gerry Badger's 'The Pleasures of Good Photography'. It is the kind of book that wrestles with the ineffable, perhaps as I might when spending daft time over Lowell George's lyrics, but he sustains his effort, quite beautifully in my opinion, and makes photography a wonderful concern. I have to say I'd like to write a book called 'The Pleasures of Good Architecture' but, to be honest, I think I'm better 'live' like Thin Lizzy, and not so great in the studio (there lies my demise in gloomy moments). Of course we always look to that studio for creativity, but usually it's all sitting infront of you, you don't need another place to do it, you don't really need a studio, it's a kind of pretension. This of course is the wonder and success of capitalism, you know you don't need something but you want it anyway.
Hungover after a great evening over the newly revived turntable (who, actually, would find Eric Clapton's 'Backless' interesting except us at one in the morning) Julie had another conversation with the houseboat man. I am most taken with the idea of a houseboat, even this particular houseboat, a sort of Eeyore houseboat.
But for now I shall sit here, look over the precious ground infront of me, it's modernist greenery, our fabulous masquerade of crap, and love every second.

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