Thursday, 12 May 2011


There are few bands who have talked about places, or a variety of places and the people in them as Little Feat. It's curious to find yourself singing about Dallas Alice in the shower, or even having the urge to put 'Willin' on the turntable just as soon as you wake up. I believe the endless routeless 'movement' in Lowell George's songwriting is a major part of its appeal, it's melancholia. If he's not in Atlanta, he wants to be there, but you know he's in LA, or Jackson, or some other place he's not entirely pleased to be, and probably hanging out in some dive like the Spanish Moon all the time thinking about his Dixie Chicken . That is the beauty of Willin' the ultimate truck drivers song, slowed down for maximum effect on the excellent 'Live' Waiting for Columbus, an album that doesn't sound live at all because he spent so much time re-mixing it to achieve just that right accent of something or other (groove + sadness = exquisite)
So I went on e-bay and bought a Lowell George tee shirt.

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