Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mobility Machines

So I went over to The Trench to pick up some authentic haggis from Scott for supper. We sit there generally disinterested like you should generally musing on the death of architecture around 1700.
Then an old guy in a maroon mobility wagon swoops in looking the spitting image of Hunter S Thompson - blue aviator sunglasses, white sun hat, the lot, just no shoes. He has to edge up to the bar carefully to avoid hitting his stockinged feet, gets his drink, reverses and swivels, parks it carefully against the table next to us. We congratulate him on his look and he smiles. Then I realize there are three of these electric mobility machines in the place. I think there must be a lot of money in making these mobility machines. In short, that this is the future! If you are going to design a pub for this day and age, forget the wheelchairs, it's the self propelled /escapology from home situation electric cars every drinker will need in the end and of course only the elderly and infirm will be allowed to drink, and I'm thinking: The bars should be like roundabouts! The side walls will be designated reverse in to parking, tables will hang from the in pubs!

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