Sunday, 15 May 2011


I've been sketching designs for houseboat renovation, thinking about houseboat renovation, even got a whole picnic scheduled for next week with the intension of inspection of said houseboat with Scott and Julie and Scott's girlfriend Vanessa as some kind of fucking party.
But there are things that trouble me a great deal about this enterprise. Namely, when boats go wrong they sink (even if it's just in to the mud). That or they go up in flames (Scott mentioned a wood burning stove and the very thought chilled me to the bone). There are also no doubt major curiosities in plumbing, water supply and poking your head periodically in to bilges, and painting and general DIY activity, none of which are my favourite things (However, Scott might prove invaluable here - in fact, he seems very much in favour - but he was also very hungover).
Meanwhile it seems to be the time of life to worry about just about everything. I can hardly watch the news, hardly read the essays my students have dutifully submitted without severe trauma as to the condition they inherit, the LRB is full of misery, The Eurovision Song Contest appeared to have hired the ghost of Joseph Goebels as creative director. This makes bolthole boat rather attractive.

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