Monday, 9 May 2011

World's most expensive tomato

Back on home turf, I slip in to the university and it's as quiet as the grave, just as it should be at this time of year, about as stuffy and uncomfortable also.
So it's away with a carrier bag full of essays.
I find Lily weaving a friendship bracelet on the bar of the White Horse between dances. It's an unusual thing to find a dancer doing, but not surprising if you imagine she cycles to work, thinks mental institutions should be more colourful with fresh flowers and possibly rabbits, and, on mention of Stacia (the dancer with Hawkwind 1972) immediately realizes that's exactly what she wants to do- roll around naked in paint. Excellent.
Having been cheered up by such countenance, I buy the worlds most expensive tomato (buffalo) from the Conran shop opposite. £3 for a tomato is pretty much an art event, almost worth it for the mutual expression of incredulity between staff and customer. Nomatter, still cheered I venture out only to step on an upturned screw. However, cheeky chappy from the corner computer store is soon at it with his pliers. My god, there is humanity, this is my big society.

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