Friday, 3 February 2012

Air Drumming

The second Boston album is so bad I'm pleased with myself. It fell exactly into the category 'man with no band in a bedroom c1977' that I so conveniently invented last week, and has now extended to a general condemnation of that particular culture of the seventies which of course produced Steve Jobs hardly by accident, that I'm confident it can be extended ad nauseum. Then I checked out You Tube for Boston 'live' and watched Tom Sholtz hardly move a muscle. Then I found an 'air guitar' version of More Than A Feeling included in the sit-com Scrubs and on the bus I thought how wonderful it was to watch imaginary drumming to an imaginary band, thought of my friends who can still do quite a bit of imaginary drumming under the right circumstances, and pointed out to the second year (as I showed it to them in the lecture theatre) that the guys in Scrubs are actors and therefore had done their homework and the bald guy playing imaginary Sholtz was more Sholtz than Sholtz and the whole thing was probably better than 'Boston' doing it. How post-modern I thought. The bald guy accented his movements toward nothing but the grin and a footpeddle. Hopefully the students are now with me on the critical interpretation stakes.
Weirdly, on of the best theory books for art of life criticism is titled 'Air Guitar' by Dave Hickey.

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