Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Research Methods

To be honest there are many times when I consider just walking down the street to be 'research'. But it is time to be audited on such a response by the university, and I doubt they will agree.
Firstly, research is officially about contribution to knowledge. I once defined knowledge as only existing because we have a word for it. It might mean being able to make an atomic bomb in the first place, it might also be persuading somebody not to use it. If you were re-incarnated as Le Corbusier, and it was you painting every morning, at least it seems to me that if you indeed PAINTED EVERY MORNING whilst being the greatest architect in the world, this would be quite a tangible aspect of your 'research'. Certainly 'knowledge' is not something that saves the economy as the government might like. Instead it more happily produces toxic by products that it won't.
So, it's not as easy as you might think. I've put 'Architecture and Other Habits Vol 1' on my list of four contributions to 'knowledge'.
It got printed up in New York, and I'm well chuffed with it, the software itself picked out the Mayfair image for the cover, and put 'Some Las Vegas Strip Clubs' on the back. It has also added some decorative wing-dings and the look of a mid-town business report. I'm quite happy with this too, it's sort of 'as found' and A4. The company now send me e-mail tips on how to make it 'better'.
However I thumb through it with some satisfaction. It is as good a tutorial as I can manage without Vol2. Whilst of course you can have all of it for free anyway, some of you may like to thumb the complete vol1, and if you'd like a hard copy, contact me on and I'd be happy to order you one. Also I will include with each copy an original and singular work of art by myself, signed of course. Cost on application (£50-100).

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