Saturday, 11 February 2012


Exactly when Scott is going to come and wreck our kitchen is anybody's guess. Builders as a tribe do not subscribe to the many basic notions of the service economy. Anybody who's ever watched TV knows that- hapless couple's life savings wasted marooned in the Algarve smiling builder etc. Builders are essentially pirates who hijack your home when they consider it convenient and generally have to be coaxed to leave, and Scott prides himself on being the biggest pirate of them all. It's like having Keith Richard's come and do your bathroom tiling. I'm sure he will do a good job, but it will certainly be on his terms. We of course, get something nice in the end, but it is provided at emotional as well as fiscal cost. I'm amazed so many people do not understand this.
The main reason is of course that building work is the last refuge. With nothing, without even existing, you can still build, and build to great skill. It is just that the appearance of a bunch of hairy Lithuanians bent of societal revenge to do your kitchen may alarm us steady folks with mortgages to look after. Nomatter how much you admire Keef, you don't necessarily want him renovating your home.
Building is the last authentic work and get pissed culture(as Scott so often reminds me) and woe betide anybody who confuses that with people knocking up faux eighteenth century kitchen sideboards in the Cotswold's while wearing period costume, they are doing something else entirely. The mucky end of building is the mucky end, which is why our neighbour has already scarpered at the very thought of the hun appearing over the hill, even before they phoned to say 'later boy....later' .

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