Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Big House

'The Big House must stay open!!' made my ears prick up. Rangers fans call Ibrox the Big House?- isn't that prison or heaven? But what a great analogy from the bald gentleman.. on the right! Certainly Ibrox looks more like a prison than any other football stadium, it's a big beast of a thing in the docklands of Glasgow nomatter who's inside. My old Coach and Horses architect pal Gordon McLean reminisced long on the scariest afternoon of his life at an old firm game in the seventies. Seemed like war.
So that's it, the next financial cataclysm strikes early and in curious ways, we will take away the fanatical Rangers fans birthright- an odd place to start, but poignant. How will they feel in Northern Ireland? Isn't this the death of Ian Paisley? I suspect international ramifications with Scottish independence too, and of course the total collapse of Scottish identity. Like the early stages of that disaster movie (see Badiou 'If this is the spectacle..') where will this end? Do not expect the flapping of butterfly wings, but the smack of a green and white fist to unleash hell across the earth.
Don't pay your mortgage off.

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